Epoxy and Cement Repair Services in Vancouver


Are you seeing cracks in your concrete floor? Is the concrete deteriorating due to poor construction, external damage or exposure to water? Get professional cement repair services in Vancouver from City Wide Environmental Cleaning.


We provide a full range of cement repair services for structures and surfaces depending on the extent of damage. We will examine the place and build a plan to repair the damaged area.


You can expect quick and quality services from our team. We value your time and money and deliver reliable and efficient services.


We also offer a variety of other solutions apart from cement repair service in Vancouver for our clients. They are:

Floor Sealing

Floor Sealing

With our exclusive floor sealers we can prevent surface floors from deteriorating and prevent dust build up.

Litter Pick-Up

Litter Pick-Up

If litter is a problem on your property, City Wide can provide scheduled litter pick-up times that suit your convenience.

Parkade Painting

Parkade Painting

When parkade walls look dismal and dirty, it’s time for a makeover. Let City Wide apply a fresh coat of paint that will make your walls easier to clean. We also provide line painting and line removal.

Epoxy & Concrete Repair

Epoxy and Concrete Repair

Do you have a crack in your concrete floor? We can fix that with an application of epoxy injections. Repair it now to prevent further damage to your concrete surfaces.

Tire Mark, Gum & Graffiti Removal

Tire Mark, Gum, and Graffiti Removal

Whether its gum around a commercial front entry or tire marks along a warehouse floor, we can remove these marks with our specialized equipment.

Graffiti can be an unpleasant sight for your customers. We offer graffiti removal and we can also apply an anti-graffiti coating system to prevent further vandalism.

Blacktop Repair

Blacktop Repair

In addition to adding speed bumps to your parking lot, City Wide also does blacktop repairs.

Snow Removal & De-Icing

Snow Removal and De-Icing

Snow and ice can mean dangerous conditions that put people at risk of accidents and injuries. Avoid this by scheduling services ahead of time with City Wide.

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For more information about cement repair services in Vancouver, reach out to us now. You can rely on the professionals at City Wide Environmental Cleaning for all your parkade maintenance needs. Contact us to schedule service.

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We look forward to setting up a service schedule that fits your unique needs. Let the excellence and experience that City Wide provides be the difference on your property, parking lot, or parkade.

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