Professional Parking Lot Cleaning Services in Vancouver

When you have a multi-story parking lot, it requires proper care and cleaning to maintain it well. City Wide Environmental Cleaning provides a full line of professional services designed for complete parkade maintenance, to get the entire job done! Whether you need power washing or power sweeping, we are equipped to provide high-quality parking lot cleaning services in Vancouver.

power washing

Power Washing

Power washing is a simple but effective way of cleaning. The process involves
removing surface materials such as dirt, mold, mildew and mud using pressurized water on a surface. Power washing uses hot water to completely remove dust particles.

City Wide Environmental Cleaning provides an industrial power washing and biodegradable degreasing service to clean surfaces soiled by oil, algae, dust, dirt, and debris.

Power washing is applied to:

  • Parking lot and parkade floors
  • Pillars and pipes
  • Walls and ramps
  • Aggregates
  • Tanks and containers
  • Loading bays
  • Awnings and signage
  • Building walls
  • Sidewalks and plazas
power sweeping

Power Sweeping

Power sweeping is a great cost-effective method to control dust and debris in a parkade space. Our sweepers are designed to effectively clean large areas. This type of maintenance is commonly used on epoxy and concrete floors in structures such as parking lots, underground parkades, warehouses, and streets.

Why Should You Keep Your Parking Lot Clean?

Having a clean parking lot will not only enhance the cleanliness in your surrounding area, but it also means good business. Some benefits include:

  • A clean parking lot makes a good first impression on your customers.
  • It discourages littering. People will think twice before dirtying a place.
  • Clean parking lots reduce dust pollution.
  • It does not lead to the accumulation of debris and silt build-up over time.
  • A clean parking lot makes people believe that you take care of your things properly and you are meticulous.
  • It will enhance the landscape.
  • With no sand, dust or dirt, it helps in increasing the life of the pavement.

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