Prevent Pollutants from Entering the Water Streams

Vacuum Truck Services

Vac trucks contribute to the maintenance of a healthy water flow throughout the underground water system. A powerful vacuum absorbs the debris, sludge, and harmful liquids that collect in the catch basins, separators, and sumps. The contaminated materials are then transported to a unique site for safe disposal.

Regular cleaning of the catch basin:

  • Prevents storm sewer blockage or pooling
  • Minimizes the amount of pollutants entering waterways
  • Minimizes odour

Regular cleaning of the separator:

  • Allows for proper filtration of oil and water
  • Prevents oil leakage into the water stream

Regular cleaning of the sump pump:

  • Ensures proper functionality of the pump
  • Prevents debris or hard sludge from wearing out the pump
  • Helps prevent dangerous liquids and chemicals from entering our oceans


We recommend that parkade drains, catch basins, oil separators, and sump cleaning should take place once a year, and it’s best to do so immediately after the parkade has been washed. Contact us for more information or to schedule service.

Vacuum truck services are applied to:

  • Sump and catch basins
  • Oil water separators
  • Grease traps
  • Trench ditches and drains
  • Tanks and containers

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